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Derawan Island Liveaboards

Derawan Island Liveaboards – Visiting a beautiful island will make you able to refresh your mind. There are so many beautiful islands can be visited in the world. Talking about beautiful islands, Indonesia has so many beautiful Islands, such as Derawan Island in East Kalimantan. This island is so exotic. Many people also choose this island as an alternative to feel the sensation of living in the Maldives. When you have a plan to visit Derawan Island, you may think about Derawan Island liveaboards. Read the information below to know more about Derawan island liveaboards.

Choosing Best Derawan Island Liveaboard

Visiting a beautiful island is not complete without choosing a liveaboard. Why? Liveaboard will make you easy to explore various beautiful spots to dive or snorkel. When you have arrived at Derawan Island, there will be so many tour agents offer liveaboard packages. So, you can choose the package depends on your budget.

For your recommendation, you can choose a tour package offered by The tour package includes liveaboard. So, you will be picked up to various spots for snorkelling or diving, such as Maratua Island. Yes, Maratua Island is the best spot for snorkelling or diving. You will see the underwater sceneries on the beach of this island. The tour package not only offers liveaboards, but also other facilities, such as a tour guide, meals, entrance permit, accommodation, and many more.

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Best Time to Visit Derawan Island

Whenever you have a plan to visit Derawan Island, make sure you have known the best time to visit this island. Exploring Derawan island will be so perfect if you visit this island when the dry season comes. For example, you can visit this island in April, May, June, July, and August. Those months are much recommended because, in those months, the season will be good for snorkelling, diving, and exploring various spots in Derawan Island.

You need to prepare some equipment before going to Derawan island. For example, try to prepare sunblock. It is so important to protect your skin during travelling to Derawan island. You can also bring an underwater camera. You will find so many spots for snorkelling and diving in Derawan Island. If you bring your own underwater camera, you can capture every moment when you swim, dive, or snorkel on the beautiful beach.

Activities to Do in Derawan Island

There are still many activities you can do in Derawan island. If a liveaboard is not enough for you, try other activities. For your recommendation, you can rent a bicycle to explore various things in Derawan Island. By using a bicycle, you can go to a village in Derawan island and see the tradition and activities done by local citizens in Derawan island. You can also enjoy the beautiful sceneries while cycling.

In Derawan Island, you can also find various spots to buy souvenirs for your family. You can buy souvenirs based on your budget. The local citizens in Derawan island are very polite. Don’t doubt to ask a question whenever you feel so confused about something. They will answer your question politely.

A simple activity like seeing the sceneries near the beach is also recommended. You can sit down on the white sand while seeing the beautiful turquoise beach water. It will make you able to refresh your mind and get a new energy. Order a type of beverage to make you enjoy more the sceneries there. Some recommended beverages for you are coconut water, juice, tea, coffee, and soft drinks.

A trip to Derawan will be easier if you choose a tour package offered by So, what are you waiting for? You can visit the site as soon as possible to know the package that fits with your budget and expectation.

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