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Derawan Island Whale Sharks

Derawan Island Whale Sharks

Derawan Island Whale Sharks– Derawan Islands has become a dream for tourists. This is a tropical paradise that can be found in this world. A remote, warm island filled with white sand that touches your feet gently. The island is surrounded by palm trees blown by fresh air. The vast ocean is blue and green mixed into one.

Incredible underwater life fascinates you. You can see beautiful stinging jellyfish that don’t sting. You can meet rare barracuda and mermaids. Manta Ray is a rare living creature and favorite photo object. Typical sound dolphins are unique to this beach. There are giant turtles that pull over the beach and under the bridge. You can also find Derawan whales.

This makes Derawan one of the richest marine life in the world. It also has biodiversity so Derawan Island is the third best destination for divers in the world.

Rare Turtles in Derawan

The island is not far from Berau district with 31 islands and the most famous islands are Kakaban, Sangalaki, and Maratua. This is the biggest nest for giant green turtles. There are Hawksbill turtles that are threatened with extinction but the turtles are preserved on this island. Derawan Island Whale Sharks Every day you can see hawksbill turtles swimming in the sea. This is a marine conservation area covering 1.27 hectares.

You can find about 460 corals from different species so that this place ranks second after Raja Ampat in West Papua. An international team of experts found about 870 species of fish in the sea. On one finger a group of Manta Ray was eating together in the ocean of Derawan. If you visit Kakaban, then you can see the biggest jellyfish in the world. There are four jellyfish species that will not sting you so this is one of the best swimming spots in the world. UNESCO considers Kakaban as a world heritage site.

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Kakaban and Maratua Islands

The guide will pick you up and take you from Tanjung Batu to Derawan Island and this trip only takes 30 minutes. You can stay at the water villa and take your time to rest while enjoying the sunset from your room.

The next day you go to Kakaban Island to swim with fish. You can swim with jellyfish without worrying you will be stung by the animal. Derawan Island Whale Sharks This will be another world that is the most beautiful in your life. After lunch, you can continue the journey to Maratua Island. This island has a private beach that is still pure and rarely visited by humans. You can test your adrenaline by jumping from a 6-meter cliff. This beach has a hidden cave with clear water. You can exit the other side when entering this cave.

Swim with the Whale Shark

This is the main activity you should not miss. In the morning, the guide will take you to a speedboat to Bagang. Bagang is a large trap for fish. Usually, whale sharks will swim in Bagang. You can try the experience to swim with the whale shark. This activity definitely makes you tense but you don’t need to worry because the whale shark won’t bite you.

You can prepare your camera to photograph whale sharks swimming around you. You must be careful and do not make surprising movements. This is fun but you still have to be vigilant.

Sangalaki Island

The next destination is Sangalaki Island. This island is not only famous for white sand but this island has endangered fish species. This species is a giant Manta Ray. You are very lucky if you can see this species. Tourists will definitely not miss this rare opportunity.

Those are some fun activities on Derawan Island. You can take part in all these activities by choosing the right tour package for a vacation to Derawan.

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