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Derawan Island Water Villa

Derawan Island Borneo

Derawan Island Water Villa– At present Derawan Island is one of the favorite destinations for domestic and foreign tourists. If you have plans to explore this island, then you don’t have to worry about lodging while you are on vacation on this island. There are many inns at affordable prices for you.

The accommodation on Derawan Island is different from other places. There are many water villas on the island. Water Villa is a building located on the water so you can swim directly from your room. This building will definitely provide a different experience for you because you usually only stay in rooms on land.

Your room is directly on the clear water with a small bridge connecting other rooms. This will give you a special sensation. You can sleep calmly in a soft and comfortable mattress. When you open the window in the morning, you can already see clear water under your feet.

Maratua Paradise Resort

This is one of the famous lodgings in the Derawan Islands. This inn is located on Maratua Island. This lodging looks exclusive with attractive colors. Wooden buildings combined with clear sea water with bright turquoise colors. This inn is divided into two. First is Beach Villa. This villa building is on land. Second is the Water Villa. The building of this villa is above the sea. You can choose the location that is most comfortable for you.

Derawan Island Water Villa, The inn’s entrance is a very spacious long deck so you can use this deck to relax. The deck is filled with beautiful fences. There is a row of plant pots on the deck. You can sit on a beach chair and look at the clear sky. You can also see fish only from the deck. You can wait for the sunset from the chair. You can also walk along the deck to breathe fresh air.

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Fisheries Eco Villa

This villa is located jutting into the sea in the southwest of Derawan Island. This villa is a recommendation for many tourists because this place is clean and comfortable. The price of this villa is very affordable so you don’t have to drain your money. This villa has 3 types of rooms consisting of Cottage, Twin and Double. The building in this villa is made of strong wood with a modern and minimalist design.

Under this in, you can see a large net that functions to maintain small hawksbill turtles. The net is also a cage for a beautiful yellow zebra shark. You can also see the guitar shark running around the net. This villa offers a complete package for tourists visiting Derawan Island.

Derawan Dive Resort

This is one of the best lodgings that has 27 cottages. The uniqueness of this inn is the design of buildings like the traditional house of Kalimantan. You can choose a room on the beach or a floating room above the sea. The room has a variety of capacities from both starts to large rooms for families.

This inn has its own dock so you who don’t stay at this inn can walk on the dock and see white sand. This pier provides a special sea view for you. Rooms at this inn are very comfortable. The front of your room directly faces the beach so you can see the clear sea during your stay in this villa.

Construction of buildings is made of high-quality wood so that the security of this villa is guaranteed by the manager. There are gates made of wood before you enter this villa. Usually, tourists take photos at the gate. A natural atmosphere will surround you. Below deck, there are lots of fish swimming so you can immediately see the fish without diving.

Those are some water villas that will provide amazing experiences during your stay at Derawan.

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