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Derawan Island Tours

Derawan Island Tours– Derawan is a beautiful sandy island that looks like a teardrop. This is a world paradise filled with coconut trees. You can meet friendly villagers. They inhabit traditional villages far from the word modernity. The shell on the beach makes this place a favorite destination for beach lovers. Near this island is Maratua Island, Kakaban Island, and the last is Sangalaki Island. This place also offers a comfortable homestay for your family and friends.

At the edge of the water, under the bridge, the green turtle is resting. This is a unique sight and you may not find it easily on another beach. You don’t need to be a great diver to see the underwater scenery. Derawan Island Tours You only need to use swimming goggles to snorkel on this beach. You can approach the tortoise at close range. There is a restaurant with delicious cuisine on the bridge.

The location closest to this island is Sangalaki because it is only 25 kilometers away. Divers call this location the Kingdom of Mantas. This is an unforgettable experience because you can meet directly with the giant. The length of the fish’s wings reaches 5 meters so you will look small near this fish.

How to Go to Derawan

You can fly from Jakarta airport and there are planes that will serve you to Pangkalan Bun. This requires one transit in Banjarmasin so you can spend a short time in the city. Next, you go to Balikpapan with another flight. You can go from Berau to Tanjung Batu just by taxi. The last is a boat ride to Derawan Island. This usually takes about 2.5 hours. You can see beautiful scenery on your journey to the island.

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Tour Package

If you plan your own vacation, then this can be a complicated thing because you have to think about many things. You should choose a package from a travel agent to get a nice vacation. There is a package that suits your time. You can set your own departure date to Derawan. You can vacation with your friends or family by choosing the package.


The guide will pick you up and take you to Tanjung Batu. From this port, you will take a speedboat to go to Derawan Islands and you can take a break at the hotel or walk along the beach to get beautiful photos. At night, you can go hunting turtle eggs and sea turtles that walk to the sea.

Exploring Sangalaki and Kakaban

Kakaban and Sangalaki are islands with timeless beauty so you should not miss diving on this island. After breakfast, you can prepare snorkeling equipment on this beach. You can ride a banana boat to boost your adrenaline. The day will be closed by watching the sunset at dinner. Don’t forget to photograph the sunset on this beach so you can capture your memories while on vacation on this beach.

Manta Ray Spot

Maybe this is an activity that many tourists are waiting for. You will head to the manta ray spot to see amazing fish. You can use your free time to take photos and photograph the beauty of this beach. You can also shop for souvenirs for your family waiting for you at home. There are lots of unique funny things for tourists at cheap prices.

Finally, the guide will take you back to the port and head to the airport. You don’t need to hesitate to vacation to Derawan Island because this island is filled with amazing surprises for you. You will definitely miss the white sand, clear beach water, and bright blue clouds above your head. You will also miss the hospitality of the villagers who live around the coast.

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