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Derawan Island Tour Package

Derawan Tour Package – Tourist attractions in Indonesia are not only famous in the country but also abroad. One of them is Bali which has become a famous tourist spot in the world. Raja Ampat is also a favorite destination for tourists because this place holds a haven that has not been touched by modernization.

The city of Jogjakarta is also a tourist attraction that can provide education and be filled with unique cultures. All of these places certainly make the Indonesian people feel proud Unfortunately, Derawan Island Tour Package there are many people who think that the island of Borneo contains only mangrove forests and swamps that are filled with mosquitoes even though the island has beautiful tourist attractions and is rarely known by tourists. The island is Derawan. This island is located in Berau Regency, East Kalimantan.

The Beauty of Derawan Island

Indonesia is an archipelago so that the beautiful tourist attractions in the country are located on the island. The island is surrounded by different waters. You can see high and dangerous currents of water. You can also see water with safe and calm currents. Derawan Island Tour Package These waters can display extraordinary underwater beauty. The flow and flow of water that surrounds the island is so diverse that Indonesia has a variety of unique marine biota and plants.

This island is quite wide with flat topography so you don’t have to worry. You can enjoy the trip comfortably. Derawan is in the middle of the sea with an area of ​​1.3 hectares. There are 31 other islands that accompany this big island. You can visit these islands.

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Tour Packages on Derawan Island

The main charm of this island is the amazing underwater scenery. The underwater scenery on the island is still clean so many tourists are eyeing this island. The beach on this island has white sand-like crystals. Coconut trees lined the coast. The sea with blue water and bright clouds will spoil your eyes. Here are some tour packages that can be chosen to enjoy the island.

The First Day

From Balikpapan, you will continue the journey to Berau by plane. You will stay at a hotel on this island with complete facilities. You can enjoy dinner and see the beauty of the island at night. Hotels for a place to stay will serve delicious Derawan specialties. You will surely feel satisfied after enjoying the cuisine.

The Second Day

Don’t forget to see the sunrise while traveling to Derawan Port to Lake Kakaban. You can swim along with beautiful marine life. You also should not miss the opportunity to take pictures of animals unique to the sea. In the Maratua area, you can see the sunset and enjoy a beautiful afternoon. Don’t forget to spend your delicious dinner.

The Third Day

Maratua Beach is a place full of beauty so you can’t go home before exploring this beach. When the sun rises, you will go to Sangalaki Island. You can see a rare green turtle on this island. Derawan Island Tour Package You can also meet with beautiful white sand and see the coral gardens on this. You can spend time together with your partner while on this island. This will be the best experience of your life.

The Fourth Day

You wake up in the morning and enjoy breakfast from the hotel. You must prepare to go to Tanjung Batu and return to Balikpapan. You can customize this package with your time. You don’t have to choose four days to enjoy the island. You can choose a shorter time from the tour package. You can also choose to stay longer on Derawan Island. It all depends on your choice so you don’t have to worry about vacationing on this island with the deadline you want.

That is a review of packages that might be chosen to enjoy Derawan Island.

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