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Derawan Island Indonesia Hotel

Derawan Island Indonesia Hotel

Derawan Island Indonesia Hotel- Do you like visiting beautiful islands? If so, don’t skip visiting Derawan Island in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. There are so many things you can do there. The island also offers various spots to snorkel, dive, and take pictures. When you have a plan to visit this island, you may think about Derawan Island Indonesia hotel. Don’t worry about it. There are so many types of accommodation you can book whenever you are in Derawan Island. Read the information below to know more about it.

What Type of Accommodation Need to Choose?

As mentioned before, there are so many types of accommodation you can choose, such as a hotel, homestay, cottage, and resort. It depends on your budget and need. Even, a hotel also offers some types of rooms. For example, the special room that is completed with various facilities, such as AC, bedroom, television, and many more. But, there are also simple rooms with some facilities. The price may be lower than the cost to a rent a special room.

Talking about accommodation in Derawan Island, it depends on your budget. For you who search for low-budget accommodation, you can choose a homestay. The cost to rent a homestay is usually cheaper than the cost to rent a room in a hotel. A homestay is a local citizen’s house. The cost will be lower, but it depends on facilities you’ll find on the homestay.

Recommended Indonesia Hotel in Derawan Island

Have you decided to choose the best accommodation in Derawan Island? If your choice is a hotel, then you can choose a recommended Indonesia hotel in Derawan Island. There are some recommendations for you, such as below:

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Derawan Dive Resort

It is one of the recommended hotels in Derawan Island. The architecture of this hotel looks beautiful and natural because it adapts the traditional home of Kalimantan. The cost to rent a room in this hotel depends on facilities offered by every room. So, the higher the cost, the more facilities you’ll find. Derawan Dive resort is completed with a floating restaurant. It makes you can enjoy your meals while seeing the beautiful beaches around you. So, don’t doubt to rent a room in Derawan Dive resort, because you will feel so comfortable when staying at this hotel.

Maratua Paradise Resort

There are still many recommended hotels in Derawan Island. Maratua Paradise Resort is also a recommended hotel you can choose. This hotel offers you beautiful sceneries around Derawan Island. There are two types of room offered by Maratua Paradise Resort. First is hotel rooms near with the beach. So, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beaches around the hotel. And the second type is the hotel rooms above the beach water. Yes, the rooms built above the beach water, make you so comfortable because you can see turquoise beach water under the resort. The architecture of Maratua Paradise resort looks wonderful because the hotel built from woods.

Nabucco Island Resort

If you want to feel the sensation of living on a private island, then you can choose the Nabucco Island Resort. Yes, this resort is in a private area. Every resort is far from other resorts, so you will feel like you are in your private Island. This hotel is much recommended for newlyweds. Every cottage is also completed with complete and luxurious facilities.

To make you easier in exploring various destinations in Derawan island, don’t doubt to choose a tour package offered by a trusted tour agent. For example, try to choose a tour package offered by There will be so many useful facilities included in the tour package, such as a trip to various destinations in Derawan Island, tour guide, meals, entrance ticket, and many more.

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