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Derawan Island Honeymoon

Derawan Island Honeymoon- Do you have a plan to spend your honeymoon on a beautiful island? If so, don’t doubt to visit Derawan Island in Indonesia. It is a beautiful island to spend your honeymoon with your spouse. There are so many activities you can do there. Even, you can also do some romantic activities to make you enjoy more your honeymoon time. Read the information below to know more about Derawan Island Honeymoon.

Choose a Romantic Hotel in Derawan Islands

Actually, there are so many recommended hotels in Derawan Island. For your recommendation, you can choose a romantic hotel—a hotel that makes you feel like living on a private island. Yes, there is a resort named Nabucco Island Resort that can be your recommendation. This resort looks like a resort on a private island. Every resort is far from another resort. So, you and your spouse can enjoy your honeymoon without any disturb of other visitors.

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Nabucco Island Resort also has beautiful architecture and complete facilities. Around the resort, you can see beautiful beaches that look so exotic with their white sands and turquoise beach water. Your honeymoon will be so perfect if you choose to stay at Nabucco Island Resort. Don’t forget to explore various islands near Derawan Island in order to get memorable memories with your spouse.

Seeing Beautiful Beaches with Your Spouse

Seeing beautiful sceneries of Derawan Beach may look so simple. But if you do it with your spouse, that simple thing will be so valuable and memorable. You and your spouse can sit down on the white sands while enjoying the scenery of Derawan Island. The scenery is so wonderful. Try to capture the moment with your camera. You can also order fresh beverage while enjoying the scenery on Derawan Island.

Many types of drink can be ordered, such as soft drinks, coconut water, tea, coffee, and many more. Even, you can also order delicious foods. On Derawan Island, you can also find floating restaurants. Choose a floating restaurant to enjoy meals while seeing the beautiful scenery. You can imagine how you feel if you eat at the floating restaurant. When you see the bottom area, you will see the beautiful turquoise beach water. So, your time with your spouse will be more romantic.

Things to Do by Newlyweds in Derawan Island

Actually, there are so many activities can be done by newlyweds in Derawan Island. If enjoying the scenery of Derawan beach is not enough, you can explore Derawan Island. There are some islands near Derawan you should visit, such as Kakaban, Sangalaki, and Maratua Island. Every island offers the uniqueness. So, try to visit each island.

Visit Kakaban island if you like to see a beautiful lake. You and your spouse can enjoy the scenery around the lake. Even, you can also invite your spouse to swim in Lake Kakaban. It is a unique lake in the world because the lake is the place of stingless jellyfish. When you swim in this lake, you can feel the sensation of swimming among stingless jellyfishes. Don’t forget to use an underwater camera to capture the moment perfectly.

Sangalaki is also a recommended island to visit. Here you can explore the island on the night because when the night comes, there will be so many turtle babies on the sand. It looks so amazing, especially if you like seeing turtles. And don’t forget about Maratua Island. It is the best place to snorkel or dive. You and your spouse can snorkel or dive to see the beautiful underwater sceneries.

If you want to explore Derawan Island simply, choose a tour package offered by It helps you and your spouse to explore the island perfectly without worrying about anything.

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