Derawan Island Homestay

Derawan Island Homestay- Derawan Island is one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia. Derawan also surrounded by some beautiful islands, such as Sangalaki, Kakaban and Maratua. So, visiting Derawan Island is not perfect without visiting Kakaban, Sangalaki, and Maratua Island. But, you need to think about accommodation when you have arrived at Derawan Island. Actually, you can choose a homestay to take a rest. Read the information below to know more about Derawan Island homestay.

Why Do We Need to Choose Homestay?

Exploring Derawan Island will need more than one day. It means we have to choose the best accommodation as our temporary place in Derawan Island. Actually, there are so many choices for you, such as hotels, resorts, cottages, and homestays. You can choose the best accommodation that fits with your budget and need. For example, if you have enough budget to rent an exclusive room, then you can choose to stay at a hotel. But if you just have the low budget, you can choose a homestay.

Why do we need to choose a homestay? Homestays are usually local citizen’s house. So, the cost will be cheaper than the cost to rent a room in a hotel. But, it also depends on facilities will you find on the homestay. The more complete facilities you’ll find, then the higher cost you need to pay. But compared to the cost of renting a room in a hotel or resort, the cost to rent a homestay is cheaper. So, renting a homestay is much recommended for you who want to save your money. Remember that you need to explore Derawan Island and will use your money for various purposes, such as buying souvenirs or renting a car and bicycle to explore this island.

What You Will Find in Derawan Island

Derawan island offers exotic spots to take pictures. This island also has beautiful beaches. So, you can sit down on the white sand to see the beautiful beach. For your information, beaches in Derawan Island look so exotic. Many tourists say that Derawan looks like the Maldives. It means you can choose Derawan Island as your alternative whenever you can’t visit the Maldives.

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Enjoying the sceneries in Derawan Island is not enough if you don’t take pictures with your own camera. So, don’t forget to bring your camera to capture every moment in Derawan Island. For you who like cycling in a village, try to rent a bicycle from the local citizen. By using a bicycle, you can explore the uniqueness of a village in Derawan Island. While cycling, you can also find various spots that offer souvenir to buy. Finally, your trip to Derawan will be so perfect.

Maratua, Sangalaki and Kakaban Island

As mentioned before, there are some islands near Derawan Island. The islands are Maratua, Sangalaki, and Kakaban Island. Those islands should be visited because you will find so many beautiful things there. In Maratua, you can find various spots to snorkel and dive. For you who like snorkelling and diving, visiting Maratua is much recommended. Here you can snorkel or dive to see the beautiful scenery of underwater.

Sangalaki is also a beautiful island to visit. Here you can see turtles on the sand, but it can be seen on the night. And for you who want to try swimming among stingless jellyfishes, try to visit Kakaban Island. Here you will find Lake Kakaban where you can swim among stingless jellyfishes. Choose a tour package to make you easier to visit various spots in Derawan Island. For your recommendation, you can choose a tour package offered by The tour package also includes various useful things, such as accommodation, entrance ticket, meals, tour guide, and many more.

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